Toque & Tablier

Cakes like no other

Toque et Tablier is a beautiful family story that has been going on for nearly 15 years. The art of making cakes with love and passion like no other. Our fruit cakes are made entirely by hand with high quality ingredients, they are matured with alcohol for a minimum of 30 days and without preservatives. Our recipes are unique and over the years our delicious cakes change people's perception of this little unloved one that is the fruit cake.
It is in our workshop in St-Léonard that our little family makes more than 50,000 cakes each year and distributes them throughout Quebec and Ontario. We are proud to offer Quebec products with rich and comforting flavors that are not found anywhere else. Toque & Tablier is not just cakes like no other, it is also L'Atelier Toque & Tablier.
For three years now, owner Isabelle Meunier has been sharing her creative side and seducing her clientele with unique and elegant creations for the pleasure of offering the perfect gift. Attention to details and personalized service are at the heart of her priorities in order to offer a unique experience to all her customers. High-end gift boxes, exclusive products and packaging that stand out in the gift industry.
"Gastronomy is the art of using food to create happiness!"