About us

Toque et Tablier is a company focused on culinary creativity. The Toque et Tablier range of products is aimed at all gourmets and gourmands looking for gastronomic novelties.

The company began with the marketing of Le Distingué fruit cake, a recipe cherished and refined by the family for many years. Toque et Tablier thus restores its letters of nobility to a traditional cake often shunned by Quebecers. Following the popularity of Le Distingué, the co-owners have been working since then on an ambitious collection of fruit cakes, combining flavours and unusual ingredients.

Our cakes are all matured in alcohol for a minimum of thirty days. Like a cheese or a wine, the maturing process allows the development of more complex flavours and gives the product all its finesse.

Our cakes are also pure butter with no added preservatives, just like your grandmother would do!

Surprisingly, our fruit cakes do not have an expiration date! And yes, their composition preserves the product in an entirely natural way!